Stonerock, custom stone Fountains


Paver clad Basin Fountain


Water Features

Fountains can be simple: a basin, a pump, a valve, a hose, a rock with a hole, and voila.  There are many such basic fountains readily available on the internet or as DIY kits in nurseries and rock yards.  Often relatively inexpensive, these simple, products work for a lot of folks.  I too have bought many low-end, cookie-cutter products in my life.  Nothing wrong with inexpensive stuff. 

That said,  I favor pushing the envelope , both artistically and technicallyConsequently our fountains are expensive – much more so than the readily available kits and no frills fountains availble on the internet or in stone yards.  I spend a lot of time fiddling with all aspects of these features to create singular beauty, vertical impact, harmony, purpose, time-enduring satisfaction, and value (versus cost).  The things I strive for. 

Regarding full disclosure, I do admit to a chronic weakness – often experimenting with something to simply satisfy some inner demon to explore untrodden paths. I do enjoy creating fountains and stone features that delight and satisfy people, myself incuded.   If you care to investigate further, I invite you to visit the site where a gallery of our   stone fountains and features are presented in more detail.  Or simply contact me and lets talk it over. 


I also invite you to take a gander at Robert Wertz’s work on his website.   Robert is a gifted designer who produces some truly exceptional fountains.  He has a great feel for stone and also works with Beaver Canyon Columns.  Robert and I have worked closely for a decade or more and I attest to the superior quality of his work.  Take a look.


Landscape Lights

In 2007 I discovered there were really no decent stone landscape lights of any significant merit or broad appeal on the market.  It seemed there were few alternatives to the cheap (chintzy) plastic landscape lights populating the shelves in the big box stores.  So I set about developing a stone landscape light.  The light you see in the gallery here was my initial product.  We marketed it through our network of distributors for several years and it sold well.  Then some of the glass lens components, sourced from China, become unavailable and I discontinued this light.

I thought it was a good, solid, attractive, well priced product filling a definite niche in the market.  Nevertheless, there were a few improvements I identified that would make the product much better. 

 The original preformed superbly as a pathway light but lacked directed flood or area lighting cpacity.  It also employed incandescent bulbs.  And, it utilized a few Chinese sourced components.

 I am about a year or so into a new development effort to correct the above issues.   Our new stone light will  offer a much broader function, providing pathway, directed flood and area lighting applications.  It will be a 12 volt LED system.  And, I want to avoid using Chinese sourced components, though that is becoming increasingly more difficult these days.  I anticipate a final product early this coming year.




Other Products

Over the years we have created, produced, and marketed a fair spectrum of specialized stone products.  The gallery below illustrates many of these.   As their individual function is generally evident I will not bore you with the details, however should you have questions or interest I would be pleased to discuss them with you.