Unique Natural Stone Products

Cement Stabalized small basalt column retaining wall
Stabilized +4 foot retaining wall, Beaver Canyon Columns

Custom Designed Natural Stone Products:

Humans have been fooling with stone products – useful and purely decorative – for more than a hundred thousand years.  Stonerock, our teensy little company situated in Montesano, Washington, has also been messing about with stone products – but for a mere twenty of these years.  Still we feel like veterans of a sort.  Many of our products are out there being sold today, gracing peoples gardens, homes, businesses and institutions.  Keep in mind our twenty-plus years of developing products for the stone industry was preceded by some thirty years working with stone as a geologist exploring for base and precious metals in the Pacific Northwest and other spots scattered about on this little blue planet.

This site showcases a few of these past successful products, a few superseded or retired products, and introduces products we currently have under development or expect to market sometime in the near future.   Additionly, we have also included on this site a few things that are just simply cool, and might be for sale to some unfortunate individual willing to close their eyes and write a check merely because they’ve fallen hopelessly in love.  Happens to me all the time.  

So, please browse around, and should you develop any questions or comments I invite you to contact me.  Keep in mind I am not what you might call proficient at this internet business, so please make allowances.